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Each Machine Embroidery Design Pattern
Includes 5X7 with story text.
Plus 4X4 and 5X7
of design only with no text



These Designs were part of the weekly subscription Weeks 24-26 starting June 11th, thru' July 1st

Beatrix Potter's
Appley Dapply Nursery Rhymes
16 Designs, 47 Design files
ONLY $16.95



This delightful machine embroidery set features Beatrix Potters artwork of iconic images from the book "Appley Dapply's Nursery Rhymes". This follows various nursery rhymes, including Appley Dapply, the mouse who raids cupboards for treats, and an amiable guinea pig who wears a blue tie. The mouse who lives in a shoe with all of her children and the Black Rabbit who is smitten with Peters sister.

Designs adapted by Sew Weird Designs, LLC

The End

Design Information 47 files Total!


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