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Includes BOTH 4X4 and 5X7 Hoop sizes

Tale of Peter Rabbit
Part 1

Tale of Peter Rabbit
Part 2

The Tale of Peter Rabbit Part 3

The Tale of Peter rabbit Part 4


Images from Beatrix Potters "The Tail of Peter Rabbit", published in 1901 was digitized into machine embroidery data in compliance with U.S. and U.K Copyright laws.
Mother gives Peter some tea Mother tells the bunnies not to go near Mr. McGregors farm Mother reminds Peter that his father was made into pie by Mr. McGregor
Mother walks to town
Peter sneaks into Mr. McGregor farm Peter eats carrots and cabbage

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The Tale of Peter Rabbit Part 1
Only $9.95
Includes both 4X4 and 5X7 hoop

The Tale of Peter Rabbit
Part 1 of 4
ONLY $9.95!

Machine Embroidery data

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Q. Isn't Beatrix Potter works copyrighted?
A. Yes a lot of her works are copyrighted by the publisher but you can find some that has passed into the public domain. You have to know what is public domain and what is licensed even if the works looks identical. It has to do with the source of your art not the art itself. I used the original works that was published in 1901. Not a later reprint.
Q. Isn't Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit a registered trademark and patented?
A. This is where we get tricky when it comes to names and it is too complicated to answer in a few sentences. A Beatrix Potter cookie jar can be patented, trademarked and copyrighted, meaning I can not copy the cookie jar on my pretend pottery wheel and sell it as a Beatrix Potter cookie jar unless I live in China.
Q. Will you reduce the price if i buy all 4 sets at the same time?
A. No, I keep my prices as low as I can and don't run sales. I will not combine all 4 sets for one lower price. I split it up so those on a budget can buy it in parts.
Q. Can I use these design to sell items I make from them?
A. Absolutely! The home crafter has been hit hard in the past few years and doesn't need any more stupid restrictions weighing them down.
Q. What is the "Weekly Subscription" I see that this was part of the club membership can I still get it for the club price?
A. It is a club membership where you are automatically billed $2.95 each week through Pay Pal then emailed a download to at least 6 Premium designs that are later sold on my web site for the full price of $7.95 and up. You can not buy past membership design sets for the club price. I put the membership date on the page so that members won't purchase designs they already have. More information
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