All Rights Reserved
All Sales are Final - Designs are Copyrighted and treated as data - Defective files will be replaced Purchase
of my designs is a license to use my designs, and does not allow duplication in any form except for personal back up.
Files that are electronically download do not fall under the "Right of First Sale". Duplicating, re-selling, loaning, sharing in any way, or any transfer of my designs
(including any of the free designs) is a violation of title 17 U.S.C., et seq. Only the purchaser is allowed to
use the embroidered design on fabric or other material for selling or giving away. Only the purchaser is allow to create a copy for personal back up.
Should the purchaser pass away the design files will then be property of the estate.
No other permission is written or implied. All of my designs have been tested to ensure they sew out as shown.

In a nutshell

You may do whatever you want with the sewn out finished tangable product. You may sell, trade, gift, give away any finished tangable items in any quanity. You may change the thread colors, add or remove design parts, what every your heart desires.

Share, Sell, or Giveaway all or any part of the digital machine embroidery design code.

Sew Weird Design