Vintage Southern Belle Pillowcase

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Southern Belle Pillowcase

Split into 3 parts for the 5X7 hoop

Vintage Southern Belle Instructions
by Sew Weird Designs

View Video for detailed instructions.

Print each design from the PDF or your Embroidery software

Tape each piece together making sure everything is straight. Mark centers and sides onto pre washed pillowcase for each design. Pencil doesn't come out very well but I used one for the lines to show on camera.

Sew center design first. Tape your plastic hoop template on the pillowcase matching the side marks

Hoop using the template as a guide.

After center design is done, hoop the sides the same way.

Line your needle to the edge of the skirt.

Hoop the right side.

As easy as 123!

View Video for detailed instructions

Trim bottom 1/2 inch from stitching around to the back

Use two yards of lace with a scalloped bottom. Cut to 12 inches in height. Run a gather stitch down the middle of the lace.

Pin lace to edge of pillowcase along the gather stitch. Make sure when folded over the scalloped edge is on top. Use more gathering in the front of the skirt area.

Done! Wash out markings.