My name is Juli, I live in a small Michigan town that is home to the Fry Crisp Batter Mix company, the worlds largest walled prison, and the birth place of the Republican party (not to proud of that). I have two beautiful daughters that are my life.

I LOVE dark chocolate, red roses and making all the green lights ( sometimes they're yellow). In my spare time ..... I have no spare time. If I did I would read, sew, cook fancy meals, lay around, manicure my nails.

I am a Celtic Pagan. Before you gasp, let me clear up a few myths. We do not sacrifice animals,in fact we have a strong respect for life no matter how small. We do not worship satan because we don't believe this entity exists. Pagan is very similar to buddhist and American Indian beliefs. Actually we have a few Buddhist and Shaman that attend our gatherings. Read about "Being A Witch". I am active in my community with several charities.

I ponder such things like, why the existence of reptiles? Why is there handicap parking at my gym and why do I drive around looking for the closest spot?

The things I DISLIKE the most are Marshmallow Peeps, snakes, mean people and whiners.

I live by the Bitchology if you are not familiar with it read it here. Bitchology

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