I bought everything but the apron and glue at a dollar store

Supply List:
1.Adult Craft Apron (Buy at any craft store)
3.Eye Protection goggles
4.Rubber gloves
5.Face mask
6. Diapers
7.Trial size wipes
8.Rash Cream
9. Powder
10. Baby bottle nipples
11. E6000 craft glue (buy at any craft store)

Buy Design & Printer Friendly Instructions

Daddy's "Doodie" Diaper Changing Apron

Fold Apron bottom up about 7 1/2 inches.

Sew sides and pockets. Sew pockets 1/3 of apron width and a skinny one on side for tongs about 1 1/2 wide

Glue nipples on using craft glue. Be sure to wash the nipples first to remove rubber oils. Fill pockets
Thanks to Missy for sending this photo.
I couldn't get my husband to model it.

Vicki T's son Adrian all ready for poo!
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