3D Ballerina design by Meimes at
Dainty Stitches

3D Ballerina design by Meimes at
Dainty Stitches

1. Cut one skirt piece by measuring from the waist to desire length and add 3 inches. For a adult or teen dress cut two pieces and sew salvage edge making one long strip.

2. Sew savages together to make a tube like piece.

3.Find centers and mark with a pin. Sew a gathering stitch with machine stitch setting on the longest length. Sew 1/4 and 3/8 from the top breaking stitching and sides and centers.

4. Cut T-shirt bottom off and waist plus seam allowance.

5. Find centers and mark with pin.

6. With right sides together match sides and centers of shirt and skirt and pin.

7. Pull up gathering stitching to distribute skirt evenly around shirt. Note: It maybe necessary to stretch shirt to make skirt wider to be able to pull over your booty.

8. Sew shirt to skirt. Those with sergers may want to serge this seam.

9. Hem and add optional trim.


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