Lace Butterfly Design
by Miems
New Golden Lace Butterflies

To sew out lace I used a piece of iridescent organza and one piece of water soluble stabilizer. The design is very strong and I really tugged on them to be sure it could hold the stress. You can also sew out lace chains to use instead of buying the trim. has some freebie chains to download.

My 4 yr old Lilly with a Brother Tinker Bell

1. After sewing out two designs cut two 13" of braiding trim. Cut two 9" pieces of round elastic.

2. Sew one end of the braiding and elastic to the underside top of design having the elastic on the top.

3. Using a small piece of wire weave the elastic through the braiding. I added a small bead to the top when I came up.

4. Sew the other end to the opposite side of the design.

5. Do the same for the toe part using a 7" piece of elastic and a 8" piece of braiding. I only put beads near the design. They would be owie around the toe.

All done! A very simple project!

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